Just when you thought Reality TV couldn’t get better, Discovery Channel has one upped itself.  They’ve brought you salty crabbers on Deadliest Catch, outward bound in the buff with Naked & Afraid and my personal favorite Alaskan Bush People, a family living off the grid in Alaska fighting for their lives every single episode, what I find interesting is that none of them look alike, nor do they have the same accents.  

But this time Discovery has out done itself.  They have Seal being eaten by a great white shark in the promo for Shark Week 2107.  Ok, I get the pun and it’s kind of funny to watch, and I do love shark week so I’m tuning in.  But for those of stronger mind, they’ve concocted a race between the most decorated American Olympian of all time Michael Phelps and a shark, not just any shark mind you but a great white shark.

Ok, lets say we buy this and it’s not a Myth Busters type of deal where if they were to race this is what would happen.  According the trakingsharks.com last year there were 107 shark attacks or bites worldwide, this is a record number.  The fish are eating machines, all they do is swim and eat and swim some more.  There’s no method to their madness, they go where the food goes.  

So how in world are the producers, directors, and camera folks going to get a great white shark to race Michael Phelps.  Will it be a split screen, or split pool so to speak.  Probably not as there are no great whites in captivity.

Another question, is the shark getting paid?  Is Michael swimming with a chum bag around his ankle, so many questions on how this will all go down.  You can bet I’ll be tuning in on July 23rd, just like I did when the white bronco went down the 5 Freeway.  I’m just sorry Seal won’t be around to see it.