Wow, just when you think the Brown’s can do any worse than they are already doing, I mean they haven’t won a game (0-8).  They benched their rookie QB @DKizer_14 who wasn’t playing that bad by Cleveland standards, I mean they have had 22 different starting QBs since 2007, a list that will surely send Brown’s fans into a manic state.  

But this tops it all, after making a deal to trade for the Bengals back up @10AJMcCarron at yesterday’s NFL Trade but not having the front office staff submit it to the @NFL because they allegedly decided to leave early on all days, TRADE DEADLINE day.  Of all the days to bang out of work early.

According to @AdamSchefter of ESPN ‏the Bengals notified the league of the proposed trade at 3:55 p.m. ET, and the Browns notified the league shortly after 4 p.m. ET. Because the Browns were late, the league denied the trade. Cleveland protested with the league asking that the trade be approved. The NFL rejected the Browns’ protest.

How in the world could the Brown’s forget to submit the trade to the NFL?  Of all the idiotic Cleveland Brown’s esk moves.  I feel for the Dog Pound, for the fans wearing brown paper bags on their heads, ashamed of their allegiance to their hometown team.

Remember 1995 when Art (Modell) wanted to move the team to Baltimore, and the City of Cleveland, and the Brown’s season ticket holders sued him to keep the team and they still left to start the Baltimore Ravens.  

Cleveland you should have let them go and not begged them to come back (see the 1999 relaunch of the Cleveland Browns).