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Finn awoke on the floor of his bedroom in with just his boxers on.  His clothes lay in a pile near the door and they were soaking wet with seawater.   The light was piercing his bloodshot eyes, his head pounding and his mouth tasted like cigars and cotton balls.  He couldn’t remember much after he ran into Riggs the night before.  How did he get home he wondered?  He began to pull himself to his feet, searching his room for his phone and wallet, without finding them.

As he scanned the room Finn was astonished to see it was only 7am.  He grabbed a gatorade off the nightstand and drank the better part of it in one gulp, still trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.  He looked out the window wondering how he got home, seeing his car along with Sarah’s and Riggs’ car he hoped he hadn’t driven.

As he walked out of his room he could hear Sarah snoring, she must have slept on the couch so as not to deal with Finn in his drunken state.  As he approached her sleeping soundly on the couch, he hit a board in the floor and it made an awful creek, the kind you hear before the serial killer jumps out from behind the door to snatch the life out of you.

Sarah awoke with a slight startle as Finn sat down on the couch next to her.  “How are you feeling she asked?”  

“Pretty awful, my head is pounding and I don’t remember much after dinner.  “How did we get home?”  Finn questioned.

“Seriously, you don’t remember anything from last night?”  Wow, you were pretty wasted, and it happened really fast, almost like you’d been drugged.  We were only at the bar for an hour or so when you flipped out and said you had to leave, that you needed to get home but with no explanation as to why”  Sarah said all in one breath.

“What was at home when we got here?” Finn asked with astonishment

Sarah continued to regal Finn with his antics from the night before “Nothing, but you kept looking at your phone, then all of sudden at about midnight you jumped up and ran down the street  towards the beach…”  

Finn and Riggs lived in an small house only blocks from Scarborough Beach.  Many students did, it was called “living down the line”, after freshman year housing on campus at URI was hard to come by so families rented their summer homes to students.  Living at the beach was one of the great perks of attending URI.  It wasn’t uncommon to see students on the beach at night with a bonfire going and a couple of coolers in tow.  As long as you we’re quiet the cops let you have fun for the most part.

She continued “…Riggs was coming home and saw you at a full gallop toward the beach, he tried to stop and ask you what was up but you just kept going.  He stopped and picked me up in his car and we followed you to the beach.”

“What was so important at the beach?”  Finn asked as if he couldn’t remember, although this did explain why his clothes were soaked in seawater.

“You kept going on about how you had to help her and that she was out there.  You were standing in waist deep water by the time we caught up with you with your iPhone flashlight searching for something.  I tried to grab you but you just handed me your phone and dove under the waves.  You swam underwater for about fifty feet and then came up and screamed I can’t find her.”  Sarah told him as he looked at her in astonishment.  “We finally talked you into coming home after about thirty minutes.  You were shivering with blue lips, you know the water is only 55 degrees this time of year.”

“What, are you screwing with me, why would I do all of this?” Finn asked with a puzzled look on his face as he held his throbbing head.

When we got you home and warmed up, you said you got a text from a random number when we were at the bar that said “RESCUE ME” and then another one at about midnight that said “HELP ME” from the same number.  In your state, you jumped up and took off down the road.

“But I don’t remember anything after dinner, not heading up stairs to the bar, not getting a random text, definately not running the ocean.  This is crazy!  Why would I…”  Just then Finn was interrupted by his phone text alert.

It was the same random number…”Are you OK?”  Finn grabbed his phone texting back “Who is this?  The reply was very cryptic and only read “see you at graduation, meet me outside Chafee by the Upper College Road entrance before the ceremony.”  Finn shot back “I can’t attend graduation, I’m banned!”  the random number replied “not anymore”

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